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Technique is a realm of codified movement that is integrated into a sequence for the purpose of solidifying the strength and knowledge of a dancer. To conquer technique, a dancer is soulfully invested in the physicality and connection to their body. But to find the chemistry and bond between movement and musicality is the epitome of dance. Dancers aren’t born, they’re made. 


My first and main goal is to claim an inclusive open environment for students to feel comfortable about themselves as dancers. Every human body moves different than the next and may prefer certain dance genre’s than my own preference. As the teacher, it is important to validate all dance styles and preference of dancing is in equal stance. Students also have a different preference on teaching methods. I strive to direct my teaching towards visual and auditory learners. With the comfortability of the dances, I verbally and physically rely on tactile and metaphorical feedback for the most efficient outcomes.


The classroom is a place for exploration and growth. I strive to make a connection with my students to make them feel comfortable in a judgement free zone. I encourage the class as a whole to find their own movement style with the help of improvisation. Improvisation allows a dancer to understand how their own body works find their own individualized style. Incorporating improvisation into my lesson plan allows students to immerse themselves with their movement and given combinations and ultimately finding a deeper appreciation for dance. I create movement vocabulary that is both intricate and calm to target the boundaries students should push for. The comfort zone will be challenged but well into the limit students are comfortable to risk.


Dancers and artists are the biggest risk takers. They allow their bodies to be vulnerable to movement, space, and emotions. Allowing their artistry to overtake the space they encounter is a valuable moment that students are eager to feel. A connection to their unique way of moving and movement itself is what I ensure every student to takeaway. 

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