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Dancers aren’t born, they’re made. 


I don’t come from a family of artists. My parents weren’t ones that enrolled their children in after school activities. Growing up, I had to advocate that I wanted to do something more than just school. As I entered high school I wanted to add dance as part of my education. Eight years later, I have continued my studies in dance through higher education ready to conquer the next opportunity that comes to my direction. 


As an emerging choreographer, I have seen how my work has evolved and how far it can mature. I have a deep passion to connect dancers with the beauty of movement and music. I wish to welcome audience members to a limitless and grand storyline. I aspire to create an open environment for dancers to take risks with physicality, strength, and pushing boundaries past the norm. Inspiration captures me from the emotions that we carry throughout our lives and the influences that people can make upon the world. Music can help drive movement, but I believe that it is the emotions and choices dancers make with movement that help drive my choreography. This is the foundation of my movement quality. When movement comes from the soul, it is easier to see and feel the music move in real life. The complexity of movement is where I find the most ease. The satisfaction of unforeseen movement creates an adrenaline rush for inspiration and creativity. 


My movement quality is the fusion of my contemporary and improvisation background with my love for hip hop. I ease in gestural work that leads into more athletic and rhythmic complexity. I love feeling the initiation and mobility of my body and how this can develop into a narrative. The real power behind my movement, isn’t just my work, it is the collaboration with my peers around me. As my confidence grows with my technique, it has come to my attention that moving through a class isn’t just about the steps; it’s about the connection and the meaning behind the motion. No matter the process behind that connection, a great dancer can convey a meaningful narrative out of no where. The focus and intention behind each and every move conveys the bigger meaning of why dance is a huge platform and language that is continuously spoken throughout life. 


The human experience in dance is a realm of bliss that is not easy to get into but can be reached. The intimacy between a soul and physicality in space is the meaning behind my drive. Dance connects through sight and touch to expose reality, strength, and vulnerability. It makes the world a more authentic and beautiful place. Through dance, I wish to spread innovation and artistry, and to inspire the community. Art has a beautiful strong force upon us and through dance, we can deepen our connection to help explain our purpose in this world. This is my calling as an artist. 

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